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by Deb Ng

The recent election proved how important technology and social media can be for a Presidential campaign. Why, in my own great state of New Jersey, we have gubernatorial campaigns Twittering and shaking hands via Facebook profiles.  Right now transparency and social media are political buzzwords. If you’ve never heard the term before, welcome to Government 2.0.

In that vein, BlogTalkRadio is pleased to bring Government 2.0 to our listeners. The first episode, airing tonight at 5:00 EDT, features GovLoop founder Steve Ressler and Steve Lunceford of GovTwit and BearingPoint. The pair will be  in conversation with O’Reilly Media’s Tim O’Reilly. Adriel Hampton will be hosting, with special guests Sally Lieber, three-term Assemblywoman from Silicon Valley, and Michael Russell on DC’s upcoming Gov 2.0 Camp. As always, an interactive experience is to be expected with Tim O’Reilly answering listener phone calls.

Allow me to introduce you to the Government 2.0 Radio Team:

Ari Herzog

ari-herzog As a consultant, speaker, and writer, Ari Herzog provides online media strategies to benefit business and government. He writes frequently about social media and online marketing at AriWriter and is also a contributing writer at the Huffington Post and Mashable.As the principal of Ari Herzog & Associates, Ari helps companies, agencies, and individuals reduce overhead and increase productivity. He explains the importance to engage with customers and constituents using interactive marketing and online branding.

He is also passionate about narrowing the digital divide, and empowering civic engagement and cross-agency collaboration. In August 2008, Ari created the Twitter Fan Wiki of U.S. government, singling out federal agencies, legislators, and assorted personnel who actively use the microblogging tool; the press noticed.

With 10 years of experience in information technology, community journalism, and government administration, Ari holds a master’s in public administration and a bachelor’s in sociology.

Adriel Hampton

adriel-hamptonAdriel Hampton is a journalist, municipal analyst, licensed private investigator and Government 2.0 strategist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a sustainability and green-tech advocate and a driven leader with an eye for detail and the ability to know the times and envision the future. Adriel is founder, co-producer and host at the weekly BlogTalkRadio Government 2.0 show.

When he’s not hunched over a computer or rallying mobs of concerned citizens, Adriel enjoys trail running. He’s also a sucker for the latest Hollywood movie – all of ’em.

Meghan Harvey


Meghan Harvey is a blogger & freelance political writer with a background in Broadcasting. Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Meghan’s crusade for Government Transparency & Accountability began in the 3rd grade when she wrote her first of many letters to politicians, expressing concern over the environmental implications of developments ruining the rural landscape near her home. Then California Senator Bill Lockyer responded to each and every letter Meghan would go on to write during his years as Senator, inspiring her to remain politically active as an adult and expect an open and active Government. Meghan lives in the East Bay with her two children and husband where she continues her letter writing campaigns, only now she does it for a living. She is unable to cope with harsh winters leaving her unable to ever leave California. (She’s also my “Lost” friend which makes her a very cool person indeed!)

Steve Lunceford

steve-luncefordSteve Lunceford is Director of Global Communications for BearingPoint, one of the world’s largest management and technology consulting firms, and a top government services provider. Steve has 20 years experience in media relations and corporate communications, working with key international, U.S., local and trade media on behalf of firms such as Sprint, Choice Hotels International, RadioShack and the NFL. He has led business-to-government communications for many firms over the last decade, and is an evangelist for the use of new media technologies to help achieve traditional communications objectives in the government marketplace. Steve created GovTwit, a directory of government agencies and individuals using social media, and you can follow him on Twitter or connect at LinkedIn.

BlogTalkRadio welcomes the Government 2.o team. We look forward to good things from you!

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