Heading Right Radio Host Ed Morrissey CLC Blogger of the Year

Ed Morrissey, host of Heading Right Radio and Political Director of BlogTalkRadio, has won the CLC Blogger of the Year Award for his Captain’s Quarters Blog.

MorrisseyCaptain Ed started Captain’s Quarters in October 2003. As the political director of BlogTalkRadio, Ed has taken strong control of the political scene here. His show, Heading Right Radio, consistently produces outstanding content with such notable guests as John McCain, Fred Thompson, and so many others. His outstanding content, commentary and opinion have led to quotes on USAToday OnPolitics blogs and across the new and traditional media space.

He also manages the HeadingRight site: the central hub for Conservatives on BlogTalkRadio.

Ed humbly wrapped up the CLC in his post on his blog. Other bloggers proud of Ed’s achievement have posted their writings below:

Congratulations, Ed, we’re proud to have you on BlogTalkRadio. This award is well earned.

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