Holla if You're a Long Time BlogTalkRadio Host!

Today on BlogTalkRadio Insider, Shaun and I are hoping to talk with some of our “older” BlogTalkRadio hosts. If you have been with us for some time and would like to compare BlogTalkRadio as it is now to as it was “back in the day” we hope you’ll call in!

Even if you’re not a long time host, we still love to hear from you. Drop by to chat with other members of the BlogTalkRadio community, and tell us about your shows! BlogTalkRadio Insider is your show – where we allow all of our hosts a little shameless self promotion and talk about what’s on your mind. We look forward to seeing you today at 4:00 EST.

One thought on “Holla if You're a Long Time BlogTalkRadio Host!

  1. Kimberly Nixon

    Well hello everyone, I am a new member. But I’ve been with BlogTalkRadio on my other Host name which simply is my name Kimberly-Nixon, that’s my home page here too, and it’s all about Mental Health. Mental health is something of which I deal with daily, right now I’m sharing information out of the Anxiety and Phobia book by Dr. Edmund J. Bourne. But this homepage under Aromatics101 I Host Aromatherapy every other week since I’m an online college student going to get into the Medical Billing & Coding field for an old crow like me at 42, lol. So school takes 4 weeks per class and 1 week off, currently in week 2 of class.

    I would love to get in touch with someone who knows how to help Host’s make arrangements for Special Guest Author’s? I attempted to write a publishing company and my letter came back undeliverable. Help would be great contact me here or under my /Kimberly-Nixon site.

    Thanks and don’t forget Kimberly’s Mental Health Talk Show is at 10pm EST, 9pm CST and it’s a 60 minute show.
    Living Life The Aromatic Way with Essential Oils every other Saturday at 3pm EST, 2pm CST and this Saturday the 25th I will have my 45 minute show.


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