A Homepage Worth Talking About

Over the past few weeks we’ve been steadily making big changes to the homepage. We’ve scoured the site to find the best of the best broadcasts, created fresh new artwork for our top hosts, and added personalized content.

Today we’re unveiling a brand new look that ties it all together.


Today’s Best Episodes

Our editorial team has scoured our site for the best new episodes and put them front and center. You’ve gotta hear this:


Shows I’m Following

We’ve added updates from hosts you follow right on the homepage. Never miss an episode from your favorite shows.


You Might Like

If you’re like us then you’re probably busy and sometimes you just need a recommendation. We’ve got you covered with suggestions based on your listening habits. The more you listen the better the picks will be.


We’re super excited to share the new homepage with you and we know you’ll find something you love there.

See it for yourself now

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