House Fairy Theater: Happy Children, Happy Parents

The Christian Science Monitor posted a neat little clip about BlogTalkRadio this week, featuring one of our newer hosts, The House Fairy.

The post titled “Web Talk” reads:

Talk Radio no longer narrowly confined to radio stations? Or celebrity hosts? lets anyone with a phone and a computer make their voice heard. The offerings range from politics and entertainment to spirituality and golf. Currently popular with the younger set: a weekly children’s show called “The Adventures of the House Fairy” with a host who resembles Dame Edna.

HouseFairyHouse Fairy Theater is a weekly youth-oriented show based on the simple premise of “Happy children, happy parents,” which as any parent knows is the simple truth.

Who knew that getting children to clean their rooms, make their beds and cooperate with family chores could be so easy and so much fun? You will when you check out the Adventures of the House Fairy today!

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