How do I upload a new show image?

Some hosts posed the question in regards to meeting the new requirements for their show image.

I thought that adding a this post in addition to responding in the comments could benefit everyone.

Here goes!

How do I upload a new show image?


1. Resize or create new version of your show image
2. Login
3. Under “My Account” click “Settings”
4. On the “Settings” page click on “Show Details” to the right of “My Options”
5. Click the “Browse” button next to your current show graphic to upload your new 300 x 300 image
6. Click the “Save” button and voila!

3 thoughts on “How do I upload a new show image?

  1. gogobroncos

    Hey Fellas,

    Don’t know if this helps but it might be that the image’s file is too large. That definitely happened to me earlier. Try copying and pasting to a different image provider or web browser.

    Good Luck,



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