How to Become a Guest on BlogTalkRadio


by Deb Ng

If there’s a question I receive more than “how do I become a BlogTalkRadio host?” it’s “How do I become a guest on BlogTalkRadio?” I can’t blame folks for asking. Every day there are hundreds of shows broadcasted live on BlogTalkRadio and even more podcasts are available for download. We have topics running the gamut from paranormal to politics, from blogging to business, all of it quality content. It only makes sense our hosts are looking for experts and guests want in.

If you’re interested in becoming a guest on one of our BlogTalkRadio shows, here are a few ways you can get in:

1. Use our contact form – Our contact form has a drop down menu so you can choose “potential guest” in the subject line. Tell us what show you’re interested in calling in to and why you would make a great guest. If you have a particular show in mind, please let us know that as well. We’ll do what we can to match you with a terrific host.

2. Contact the host directly – Most hosts link to their blogs and websites on their show pages. Visit that website for the host’s contact information and let him or her know you’re interested in being a guest.

3. The BlogTalkRadio forum –  Our forum has a special area where folks who are looking to be guests can drop their details. Interested hosts will contact those guests who seem to be a good fit. Many hosts and guests are finding each other through our forum and this appears to be one of the more popular folders.

4. Twitter and FaceBook – Search Twitter and FaceBook for “BlogTalkRadio” to find hosts that share your interest and reach out to them directly.

Hopefully this answers all your questions on becoming a guest on a BlogTalkRadio show. Feel free to ask more questions here in the comments or reach out to me via email (deborahng(at)blogtalkradio(dot)com) or Twitter. Who knows? You may enjoy the experience so much, you’ll become a BlogTalkRadio host too!

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