Howard Stern’s News Team Tackles Former CBS Radio Chief (Courtesy of Dr. Blogstein)

Howard Stern: BTR becoming must-listen?

Howard Stern: BTR becoming must-listen?

For the Howard 100 News team—which follows all things Howard Stern throughout the day on the King of All Media’s Sirius XM channel—today was a typical day of round-ups from our nation’s media.

But among those briefs was one that we here at BlogTalkRadio thought was worth replaying.

How come? Because it involves our very own Dr. Blogstein, host of the ever-popular Radio Happy Hour.

Yesterday, Dr. B. welcomed My Damn Channel Founder Rob Barnett to the show. Now, Rob also happens to have been a programming chief at CBS Radio when Howard left the net for Siruis.

And it seems Howard’s team tuned in to that interview, because Howard 100 News anchor Steve Langford aired this report less than 24 hours later…

STEVE LANGFORD: Everyone knows terrestrial radio had a breakdown when Howard Stern moved to Sirius XM Radio. But there is more to the story…

DR. BLOGSTEIN: You had the responsibility of replacing Howard Stern when he went to Sirius Satellite Radio.

ROB BARNETT: Piece of cake, right?

STEVE LANGFORD: This we have to hear. The former CBS executive in charge when Howard left that sad cemetery of stations in late 2005…

ROB BARNETT: The real truth of it has never completely come out.

STEVE LANGFORD: So many stories, so little time for Rob Barnett, who was at the wheel when CBS Radio went into a ditch after Howard moved to Sirius XM…

ROB BARNETT: Howard is as unique a person in the world that we all live in and he’s completely irreplaceable.

STEVE LANGFORD: Barnett revealing a couple of stories about how CBS Radio tried to move on without Howard, on Dr. Blogstein’s Radio Happy Hour

ROB BARNETT: We went to Jon Stewart first—because we worked with him a little bit back in the MTV days—and offered him not hosting a radio show, but the idea of him doing one of the millions of jobs he does, which is produce. And we pitched him kind of a Lorne Michaels concept, where you could really start over from scratch and cast something that would be different than a typical four-hour radio show.

STEVE LANGFORD: When that didn’t happen, Plan B involved a couple of other characters from Comedy Central…

ROB BARNETT: We had some amazing meetings with Matt [Stone] and Trey [Parker] from South Park. That never came out in the press, but it was incredibly fun.

STEVE LANGFORD: But as everyone knows, the fun stayed at Comedy Central and CBS listeners—those who couldn’t get up to change the station—ended up with David Lee Roth and company.

DR. BLOGSTEIN: Did that drive you off of radio? Because that’s a no-win situation.

STEVE LANGFORD: More than four years later, the search goes on.

To hear Rob’s full Radio Happy Hour interview, click here.

To download the Howard 100 News brief, click here.

To check out MyDamnChannel, click here.

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