If I Can Be a BlogTalkRadio Host, So Can You!

Join Christie Sweet for a training session and start your own BlogTalkRadio show!

Join Christie Sweet for a training session and start your own BlogTalkRadio show!

In the three months I’ve been with BlogTalkRadio one thing I’ve wanted to do but haven’t yet had a chance, is learn how to host my own program. You see, in addition to working full time as BlogTalkRadio’s Community Manager, I moonlight with a personal project – my Freelance Writing Jobs blog – which happens to be the number one online community for freelance Writers. Even before I accepted the gig with BlogTalkRadio I had thoughts of bringing my community even closer together with a weekly radio show. I was a little intimidated though. Me? Host a radio show? Did I mention I’m technically challenged?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting in on a training session with BlogTalkRadio’s Host Support team member, Christie Sweet. Any fears or nervousness were immediately put to rest as soon as I heard Christie’s voice. Not only does she know her stuff, but she’s patient, kind and makes it look so easy.

If you ever thought about hosting your own BlogTalkRadio show but felt a little intimidated because you’re like me and not very technical, let me ease your mind. The BlogTalkRadio Host Support Team is amazing. In addition to training sessions, they’re always here to answer your questions and help make your BlogTalkRadio experience pleasant and user friendly. Hosting an online radio show should be fun and entertaining, so it only makes sense the initial training session is a positive experience. I’d like to thank Christie for letting me sit in yesterday and convincing me that I too can become a BlogTalkRadio host. And trust me, if I can do it…so can you!

4 thoughts on “If I Can Be a BlogTalkRadio Host, So Can You!

  1. Christie Sweet

    Thank you Deb! I am blushing 🙂 I don’t know what else to say aside from this is really touching. I was so glad to have you there, it was a pleasure to walk you through. I remember what it was like when I first started. How BIG everything felt in comparison to me. I remember pulling it apart a piece at a time, to put it together in a way that made sense. Those things, those small step by step pieces brought together in the right way make all of the difference, and I love knowing that I can help those out there see it all clearly, especially the technically uninclined. 🙂 I can only imagine that your show will be awesome, and nothing less!

  2. Dr. Blogstein

    Its about time someone called out Christie Sweet (and I’ll add in her husband John) as two of the most helpful and patient people I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with–not just on BTR, but in the history of dealing with people.

    They certainly live up to their surname and deserve all these accolades and more.

  3. Amy

    Christie is amazing and her patience, kindness, and understanding of us technically challenged 😛 are a huge asset to Blogtalkradio, I dont know another website that has someone like Christie to walk you through using their services step by step, live in person. Her training of our hosts has helped our hosts succeed faster and more efficiently and Blogtalkradio is a better place due to her training sessions. Honestly, its made life a whole lot easier around her when our hosts know what they are doing !! LOL


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