In Memoriam of Steve Bayne

We are very sorry to hear that one of our esteemed hosts, Steve Bayne of The esteBAM Show, has passed away.

Many of us were listeners of the show, where esteBAM interviewed celebrity guests and always had a great time.

Steve was a pleasure to work with and have on the network. He was professional, energetic, and infallibly positive. I’m sure many of his listeners and online friends did not even know about his illness.

Here is an excerpt from a testimonial Steve sent us on May 6th about his experience with BlogTalkRadio:

I am forever grateful to Blog Talk Radio for giving me an outlet to let my talents shine. I am not sure if the creators realize what this platform can do for people, it has truly changed my life. Yeah it may sound weird what I am saying, but when you feel you have lost everything you once stood for and felt like the end was nearing and have an outlet to turn too such as Blog Talk you may then understand what I am saying.

Thank you Blog Talk Radio and all of the staff for being there to help me and creating such a wonderful environment to broadcast my show every week. With you guys I may have not been able to pull myself back to the happy go lucky person I once was before getting sick. I will forever be grateful for to you as a company that stands behind their hosts; there are other sites out there that do not do that for their hosts.

Steve thoroughly enjoyed being a BlogTalkRadio host, and we enjoyed having him around. Even through his most difficult times, Steve did not complain. He would e-mail me with excitement every time he booked a hot new guest, and always thanked us when he was featured.

The BlogTalkRadio community will miss Steve very much, and our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.

Listen to broadcasts of The EsteBAM Show including interviews with Catherine from Rock of Love 2, Dymz from Flavor of Love 3, Serenity from A Shot At Love 2 and more.

9 thoughts on “In Memoriam of Steve Bayne

  1. Luke Armour

    Steve will be missed by his fans and those of us who knew him – even just a little bit. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Hilary is right, Steve was was a true joy to work with.

  2. Flag Gazer

    WOW – I hope the staff knows how much better they made Steve’s last days – that is a special gift. I am thankful that you did. He will be missed by many of us who only knew his voice. Fare thee well….

  3. Jennifer aka theJEN

    As one of Steve’s closest friends, I am deeply appreciative of the kind words that you h ave put up in honor of Steve. He was an amazing friend and an incredibly giving soul. He will truly be missed. I know that from the day we started recording fake talk shows on a tape recorder in 8th grade that talk radio was a dream of his. I am glad that he was able to have that experience.

  4. Prophetess Dee

    Blessings and Comfort go out to The Family of Steve Bayne. May he forever live in the Light. Thank you Blogtalk for being a part of the joy and peace that was given to a fellow traveller. May joy continually be your portion Amen. Peace~Light~Eternal Oneness of GOD’S Recieving Love.

  5. Jennifer

    Steve was my best friend for many years and I love him dearly. Being at his service yesterday brought me deep sadness. It was too early for me to have to say goodbye to my bestfriend. I know he loved BlogTalkRadio and all of his listeners…it was his way to show the world what he was great at doing! May my bestfriend rest in peace until I am with him once again! I love you Steve!

  6. Malcolm

    WOW I’m am shocked to here about this, I remember calling in to one of his shows with one of the stars from degrassi, he was so nice, and you could tell by the way he talks that he was beaming with positivity, listing to his interviews would just brighten up my day. I wish the best for all his friends and family.

  7. Shannon

    I knew Steve for a very short time and yet he impacted my life more than he ever knew. I wasn’t able to go to his memorial, but I spent the day listening to clips of Steve, myself, and our friends on air bantering back and forth. He made us all laugh. I will miss him a great deal. I pray his family and friends are able to find peace and comfort during this devastating loss. He is missed.

  8. Morena

    Wow…that Blog took my breath away. I for one was very shocked when I received that phone call from his mother of Steve’s passing. Like Jennifer has stated, he was my best friend as well, and I only knew him for a short period of time. There was never a day, an hour or a minute where we would not be on the phone laughing up a storm or just planning our next shows. Steve was the type of person where, you meet him once, and you would remember him for a lifetime. That man was truly one of a kind, and his death is still a shock to me. I know he is in a better place now, out of pain and suffering and that’s all that matters now, but the selfish side of me wants him back, to make me laugh and smile again. He was a wonderful man, son, best friend, host and human being and I for one will always love and miss him. Love you Steve…fly with the angels baby.

  9. mari gascon

    I would like to say thank you to everyone who wrote such great things of Steve. We were close friends and always supported him on what ever he decided to do. So, again thank you for the loving words. He will be missed very much.


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