Introducing Link Feature from Segment Page!

Do you have a guest who’s written a book, cut a CD or been in a movie or television show? Now you can help promote those items with an easy and direct link to right on your BlogTalkRadio segment! It’s built right in to the segment tab of your account.

Our developers have released the new Amazon Link feature that enables you to post your guest’s book, CD, DVD (or whatever) onto your segment page. This image will be displayed in the show description on the show page. When “moused over” it shows the details of the item and provides a link directly to the item’s page on!


Additionally, any sales generated by the link on the segment page are credited towards the host as part of the Revenue Sharing program (if enrolled), so you can make money by helping your guests promote their items. A real win-win.

This can be done for all new segments as well as archives. You can edit older shows and insert the Amazon image and links for people who are listening to your archives. Here’s a hint, make sure in the future you mention this during your show, so people listening to your archives via your site or MySpace page know a link to the guest’s work is easy to find from BlogTalkRadio.

Take a look at this how-to guide for more information. It couldn’t be any easier. Search, click and post. Help your guest and help yourselves with this new Amazon Link feature.

30 thoughts on “Introducing Link Feature from Segment Page!

  1. Apostle Victor A. Bessong

    Hey, CEO Levy you are blessed to be a blessing to your fellow humans that is a brilliant idea and the Lord will bless you more with more others okey. I am definately going to have some of my guests to use this forum. Shalom!

  2. Virgie Lindsey

    CEO and Founder of Blog Talk Radio Mr. Levy has graced with his magic and blessings again to help us be successful in the broadcasting field. We love you at Blog Talk Radio Mr. Levy and thank you so much for his incredible vision as an author my myself it helps as my guests that are best selling authors or new aspiring authors to the literary scene, and music artists as well this will be an incredible blessing, and advantage, thank you so much!

  3. Cullen Chambers

    This is great. I have several upcoming guest who are well known actor who are authors as well as having written twenty-plus entertainment industry books published myself. This will be the perfect companion to the segments of my show. Kudos to the developers of the great and helpful marketing and promotional tool.

  4. herbigidea

    Great idea! I feature products invented by women and music from up-and-coming artists. Many of my guests sell on
    ~HerBigIdea Elaine

  5. SassyScribe

    Kudo’s to BTR…this allows me to promote my own books as well as the books of my guest panelist…good looking out!!!


  6. Aloycia

    This is an incredible tool, being that many of my upcoming guest are authors, including myself! I look forward to the launch of my show, and all the incredible tools available to ensure our success. I am excited!!! Thank You.

  7. Sarah G

    The link feature is wonderful. I just realized it is available and will get right on it. Afterall, we interview christian authors almost every Thursday on We Love Girl Talk.


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