Introducing the New BlogTalkRadio!


By now you may have noticed BlogTalkRadio has a new look. This isn’t your average redesign and BlogTalkRadio is more than a pretty face. With our new interface comes many new features, all of them for the better. Let me share some of the highlights:

  • The BlogTalkRadio Learning Center
  • A BlogTalkRadio Forum
  • Social Media Buttons on Show Pages
  • Calendar Reminders
  • My BlogTalkRadio Portals for all users

….And so much more.

For a complete rundown of our new interface, please check out our earlier blog post: The New BlogTalkRadio: All You Need to Know.  After that, drop a comment or visit our brand new forum to tell us what you think! Meanwhile, stay close to the blog – we’ll talk you through all of the changes, alert you to upcoming events and let you know what to expect from the new BlogTalkRadio!

10 thoughts on “Introducing the New BlogTalkRadio!

  1. Deborah Ng

    Thanks all, we’re pleased as punch you like the new BlogTalkRadio. We hope it will continue to be a positive experience. If you need assistance with anything, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  2. literaryc

    This is just simply superb! EXCELLENT new look. Wow! Thank you BlogTalkRadio!



  3. africanpress

    How can I manage to stop people from chaating when i am away from the computer and not there to moderate?
    Why can’s we have some kind of code that auromatically blocks guests from coming into the chatroom, a way to allow only those registered to get it.?

  4. africanpress

    I would like to know if it is possible to block all users from using the chat site when iam not around or when i put off my computer.
    also, i would like to know if it is possible to switch on some code so that no guests can get in the chat site. now they can get in but not chat, and yet i do not want them in completely.

  5. Deborah Ng

    @africanpress – You don’t have to enable your chat room if you’d rather not have chatters. Mostly your chat room is only open when you’re live, so it shouldn’t be going on when you’re not there to moderate.

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