J-Hud Tragedy Worsens: Nephew Confirmed Dead

NEW YORK (Story last updated Oct. 27 @ 11:14 p.m. ET) – The child’s body found this morning in the white Chevrolet Suburban that police had been searching for in connection with the murders of Jennifer Hudson’s mom, Darnell Donerson, and her brother, Jason Hudson, has been confirmed as that of the Oscar winner’s nephew, Julian King.

The seven-year-old had been missing since Friday, when Darnell and Jason were gunned down in their Chicago home.

The Amber Alert issued for the child soon after the carnage was discovered included the vehicle’s license plate, which in turn led passers to call 911, Chicago Police officials said.

William Balfour, 27, is being held in suspicion of the horrific slayings. Cops said the suspect took Julian with him when he fled the scene of the crime.

On her MySpace page yesterday, Jennifer posted this message from the Hudson family:

“Thank you all for your prayers and your calls. Please keep praying for our family and that we get Julian King back home safely . . . Here’s a picture [below] of Julian and what he was last seen wearing. Once again thank you all for being there for us through this tough time.”

The bot was last scene dressed in these clothes.

The last photo of Julian, who was slain along with Jennifer's mom and brother. May the child rest in peace - and justice be served.

Balfour had been married to Jennifer’s sister, Julia, for several years, but they were separated. Last year, Darnell reportedly told him to move out of the family’s home.

Out on parole while apprehended, Balfour spent nearly seven years in prison for attempted homicide, car-jacking and possession of a stolen vehicle.

J-Hud’s Happier Times

Earlier this year, Jennifer, 27, appeared on BlogTalkRadio from the set of her current film, The Secret Life of Bees.


Our prayers remain with you, Jennifer.

She called in to support fellow musician Craig Lewis, frontman for The Craig Lewis Band. During the segment, Craig gave BlogTalkRadio listeners a sampling of his astounding singing talent, which blew Jennifer away.

“Can you imagine what a Craig Lewis Band-Jennifer Hudson collaboration would be like?” asked host Darryl Roberts.

Shrieked Jennifer: “That’s an idea, y’all!”

To hear Jennifer’s January interview, click here.

Jennifer also appeared on the network in March 2007 for a full 90 minutes. During that interview, she belted out some joyful noise from one of her favorite gospel standards.

Then she quipped: “That’s for the people who didn’t believe this was really me.”

To hear Jennifer’s March 2007 interview, click here.

5 thoughts on “J-Hud Tragedy Worsens: Nephew Confirmed Dead

  1. I Got My Reasons

    Double murder, missing child = PROMOTION OPPORTUNITY! This makes the OJ on “terrormeister” bin Laden seem classy and thoughtful.

    Maybe your celly is too close to your brain too much? Please do better.

  2. C.F. Jackson

    Many life’s have been changed because of
    this situation…

    The greater question is this: Why would
    anyone find a negative against a woman
    who has lost her mother, her brother and
    her nephew?


    This woman will never see her mother who
    has been her light and her motivator. Then
    there’s someone who took time from the
    day to see this as PROMOTION!

    DEATH = Promotion….


    Continue to make this your day!

    Won’t Be Denied,
    C.F. Jackson

  3. I Got My Reasons

    CF, reading 101: I’m critiquing the tackiness of PROMOTING a BTR Segment in light of this tragedy. At least one other poster agreed.

    If it is necessary for you to REWRITE my comments to make them fit what you mean, that should tell you something. Feel free to read my original post again, I stand by it.


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