Katie of The Erie 6 on ePluribus Radio

Katie is a war mother, a grandmother and a minister in the American Baptist Church. Katie and five others, including a nun, were recently jailed for peaceful anti-war protests.

courthouse White joins ePluribus Radio today at 11:30am ET to tell Adam Lambert and David Atkins her story of The Erie 6. On March 19, a group from the Erie Peace Initiative and nine members locked arms and knelt at the doors to the Erie courthouse. They were arrested after half an hour. They were fined $500, plus court costs. Six of them, The Erie 6, wouldn’t pay and went to jail.

Interestingly, two of White’s 10 children are in the armed services. An article on GoErie.com quotes White as saying:

“My debt to society is paid through active citizenship,” she said. “There are worse things, both in heaven and on Earth, than going to prison for that which I believe.”

Find out more about why they did it and what happens now. Join this discussion in the chat room and by calling in.

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