Katrina Anniversary Show

One of the things that continues to amaze me about social media is the communities that form around content and hosts. This one struck me as particularly powerful. photo from Flickr by laffy4kIt was two years today that Hurricane Katrina ravaged The Gulf Coast and affected so many lives. To this day, former and current residents of New Orleans are still reeling in the turmoil caused by this devastating storm. On this, the two year anniversary, Katrina surviver and BTR host Carla Nix of Passion4Life will air “Surviving the Storm: 2nd Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.” Carla will touch upon the difficulties of survivors, resources for support, success stories and what makes people return or not. It’s bound to be an emotional show. Plus, she’ll provide tips and support for moving forward. Check it out.

Flickr photo by laffy4k

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