Kirk Douglas to Uncle Sam: Let’s Say We’re Sorry for Slavery!

Though he turns 92 in December, Kirk Douglas isn’t going quietly into the night – and pity the fool who says he is.

Having penned nine books – the most recent of which, Let’s Face It: 90 Years of Living, Loving and Learning, comes out today in paperback – the screen legend is embarking on a campaign that he feels will burnish America’s image at home and abroad.


"It's a small thing, but it's a very important thing," Kirk tells us of America's mea culpa.

“I think we should make a formal apology for the egregious actions toward African Americans before the Civil War and after the Civil War,” the Spartacus star tells Mr. Media host Bob Andelman in an interview airing today at 3 p.m. ET.

“If a strong country like ours shows humility by apologizing for certain acts, I think it will have a good impact,” continues Kirk. “We’re not so popular now around the world.”

Kirk also tells Bob why he wants to journey to Egypt and why he wants to meet Angelina Jolie.

To hear Kirk’s full Mr. Media interview, click here.

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