LA’s Finest Export, L.A.X., arriving at BlogTalkRadio

Blackground Records’ hot new trio, L.A.X., lands at BlogTalkRadio for an exclusive interview tonight.


Tonight at 8pm ET, the teen sensation pop stars “Breezy” Brianna, “Cricket” Cristina and Jamie taxi over to The Emilio Show for a LIVE exclusive interview to talk about their hit single “Forget You,” their upcoming debut album and how they plan to take over the recording industry.

The same label that brought you JoJo and Aaliyah brings you L.A.X. – don’t miss this live interview.

One thought on “LA’s Finest Export, L.A.X., arriving at BlogTalkRadio

  1. Jules Asner

    Sweet. Aaliyah was amazing. A celebrity I both admire and will never forget. It’s a shame what happened to her. The original painting I bought of her is stunning and will be cherished forever!


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