‘The Legally Steal Show’ Host S.E. Day Gets His Interview on Via Skype

As much as we enjoy seeing our scores of talented, authoritative hosts pop up in their hometown media, S.E. Day reminds us that they need not limit themselves to the local market.

For the host of The Legally Steal Show, who makes his home in Tampa, Fla., appears in a story today on KNXV-TV in Phoenix, Ariz. That without ever having left his abode.

How so? Joe Ducey, an investigative reporter for the ABC affiliate—whose report is titled “How to Avoid Scams When Donating a Car”—taped his interview with S.E. via Skype.

 CAPTION: You want to make sure you're dealing with a reputable organization because "once you sign that title to your vehicle over, your car is gone," S.E. (above) tells ABC 15.

S.E.: Conducts cross-country media tour via his PC.

“It was simple and painless—and free,” S.E., tells us.

A former auto-dealership owner who now spends his days as a consumer advocate, S.E. is author of the new book How to Legally Steal Your Next Vehicle and Save $1000s: A Consumer Informational Guide to Effective Automobile Negotiations, which he says equalizes the playing field for car buyers during these tough economic times.

As for his initials, he explains them to us thusly:

“My real name is Sandy Earl. But years ago, while selling cars, customers would call or walk into the showroom and a supervisor would tell them, ‘Sandy’ll be with you in a moment.’

“Well, I soon learned that—for whatever reason—a lot of customers didn’t want to buy a car from someone they thought was a woman. So they’d often walk out or hang up.

“That’s when I went from Sandy to S.E.”

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