Lisa Rinna: Not Getting Buff Before Posing in the Buff ‘Freaked Me Out’

If Lisa Rinna isn’t as ripped as usual these days, blame Hugh Hefner.

Interviewed on The Fitness Buff Show, the Melrose Place star recounts how, when prepping to shoot a layout for the May issue of Playboy – in which she appears as Anne Bancroft’s Mrs. Robinson character in The Graduate – she was asked to put her fitness regmin on hold.


“It was really empowering and I’m glad I did it,” Lisa (above) tells us of her nudie shoot.

“It freaked me out. Because when I knew we were going to do it, I said, ‘I’ve got to starve myself and I’ve got to work out twice a day – double up my workouts,'” the 45-year-old mother of two tells host Pete Williams.

“And [photographer] Deborah Anderson knew that was where my brain would go. Because obviously any woman who’s going to take her clothes off is going to think that way. And she said, ‘Lisa, I don’t want you to starve yourself, darling. And I don’t want you to work out.’

“And I was like, ‘What?!’

“She said, ‘I want you to look soft and feminine. That is what Playboy is about. And I don’t want you to look hard and muscular and sinewy’ – like she knows I can get.

“I’m really glad I listened to her because those photos might not have been as attractive. They might’ve been scary looking.”

To hear Lisa’s full interview, click here.

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