Market-Savvy ‘Content Black Woman’ BlogTalkRadio Host Struts Her Stuff

Here’s a lesson for all BlogTalkRadio hosts. Every day I get questions about how to get more listeners. Here is a great example of self promotion at work. You just need to find that angle and use the tools we’ve given you.

Content Black Woman host Valencia Roner has taken her popular show and written a press release all hosts can learn from. And while Roner’s got 15 years of specialized marketing and public relations experience, all hosts can take steps to effectively promote their shows.

Recall that we provided templates and tools for hosts to use located on the promote page, including press release templates, press release distribution sites and a publicity 101 starter guide.

I want to highlight some important things about Roner’s release to keep in mind when writing your releases.

  • Leading with the news hook: “After only four outings since its January launch, the hugely popular Internet radio program, The Content Black Woman Show (CBW), has nabbed the #1 spot for current events programming on” This is newsworthy. What’s your news? Special guest? Hot topic?
  • Great quote: “These are exciting times in our nation’s history,” said Roner, who was a featured panelist at the 2007 BlogHer Conference…” The quote is natural and important.
  • Leveraging the BlogTalkRadio platform: “BlogTalkRadio tops the ranks of those providing expansive Web 2.0 audio programming…” BlogTalkRadio is a unique service that empowers people to do the amazing. What are you using BlogTalkRadio for that couldn’t be done elsewhere?
  • Plugging herself and the show: “CBW is clearly meeting a demand for strong advertiser-supported content appealing to woman in general, and high-end black consumers in particular.” Roner talks about why this show is important to people. How is your show important to people? How have you made a difference?
  • Plugging Upcoming Show: “On Wednesday February 6, 2008, Roner will feature guest co-host…” Roner uses the news release to plug her upcoming shows. Do you plug your upcoming shows anywhere?

As always, you get more listeners by having quality content and promoting that content to the people who will want it. Also, be sure to join the conversation on the BlogTalkRadio Insider every Wednesday at 4pm ET for more tips and information.

3 thoughts on “Market-Savvy ‘Content Black Woman’ BlogTalkRadio Host Struts Her Stuff

  1. Luke Armour

    First off, congratulations on a great start to your BlogTalkRadio show. We look forward to great things from you.
    Also, thank you for providing such a feature-rich release for me to use as an example.


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