Miles Schuman talks to Pantera’s Rex Brown


Bassist Rex Brown has had a long and prolific career in metal, starting with the legendary Pantera before joining Down and now Kill Devil Hill. 13-year-old host Miles Schuman talks to him about the new group, which, despite featuring both Brown and Vinny Appice, former drummer of Black Sabbath, Brown is hesitant to describe as a “supergroup.”

Brown is also the author of the recentĀ Official Truth, 101 Proof, which details his time in Pantera. Brown calls the book “cathartic” and intends for it to read as his own take rather than an official history of Pantera. Brown also discusses the recording process of Kill Devil Hill’s upcoming albumĀ Revolution Rise, calling it one of his favorite of his records in a long time.

Listen to the full episode here.

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