Missed a Live Broadcast? Don't Fret, BlogTalkRadio is Available on Demand


by Deb

Often when I promote a show, folks tell me they’re sorry to miss it, but they won’t be able to make the live broadcast. I always tell them there’s no need to apologize. If you miss a live broadcast it only means you may miss out on the option to call in or take part in the live chat. It doesn’t at all mean you missed the show!

All BlogTalkRadio programming is available On Demand. That means about fifteen or twenty minutes after a show’s live broadcast, the segment is archived for streaming or download. You can even take advantage of our embed code and play your favorite episodes on your blog or website.

This doesn’t only hold true for recent episode. Just about every show broadcasted on BlogTalkRadio is available for later listening. Browse our categories or use the search box to find notable names or the topics that interest you, and you’ll find hours upon hours of programming.

The next time you’re tired of the same old television reruns, or music you’ve heard hundreds of times before, check out BlogTalkRadio’s archives. You never know what you find!

3 thoughts on “Missed a Live Broadcast? Don't Fret, BlogTalkRadio is Available on Demand

  1. Devin

    How do you actually begin a live broadcast on BlogtalkRadio?

    I have an account, and channel. I have called the Host number and entered pin. That got me no where. I need to find some detailed instructions on how to broadcast live when my schedule show is to begin tomorrow by 6:00 AM EST time zone!

    I have a studio mic and headset which I have tested on justin.tv and works great. I just cant find any function that allows me to use the same setup in blogtalkradio anywhere help please!


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