My Left Wing Radio Takes First Flight

BlogTalkRadio continues to build its political channel with notable hosts and guests. Maryscott O’Connor, (MSOC, to those familiar with her) joins the political progressive today with My Left Wing Radio.

msocMSOC, author of My Left Wing, the blog self-described as “one long, sustained scream,” ventures into audio with the My Left Wing Radio show. The inaugural show airs today and runs Mondays at 4pm Eastern. The call in number is (347) 215-7634.

Maryscott O’Connor hosts a show to discuss the godawful mess of a world in which we’re living — and what, if anything, we can do about it. And she’ll probably end up talking about blogging — a lot. Call-in listeners and live bloggers at are essential. This show is designed to be INTERACTIVE; MSOC will respond to livebloggers and callers alike; so JOIN THE PARTY, people.

Be sure to see the entire collection of notable BlogTalkRadio progressive political shows at the central hub for progressives and democrats at Heading Left.

One thought on “My Left Wing Radio Takes First Flight

  1. Shane

    I hope this liberal show does well – but I doubt it will. Liberal shows are often full of cussing and predictable platitudes like “Bush lied, people died.” That’s thoughtless radio. I hope she’s different.

    I see on her show catchwords “christofascists.’ What is it with the left and fascists? I doubt many of even them know what the word fascist means – yet you see it scrawled all over place at their sites. Bitter venom is a poor substitute for entertainment…

    On our show Political Vindication Radio!’ we are always looking for liberals to come on and talk about the issues of the day – and we’re nice guys – but they don’t. They’d rather hang out in the echo chamber. Let’s get both sides of the spectrum talking to each other – it will be good for our shows, and good for Blog Talk Radio!


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