Myspacer’s Find A New Outlet At BlogTalkRadio

This blog is going to cover the Myspace phenomena and how BlogTalkRadio is now giving Myspace bloggers a voice.

Myspace, a social networking site that has reached millions of people, bringing the young together with the older, all in a way we have never dreamed possible. Seasoned poets mentoring young poets, comedians and musicians getting cozy and exchanging banter with their fans, and friends getting in touch after many years of being apart.

The one thing though, that has become a phenomena on Myspace, is blogging. People who have never wrote more then the name on their checks are now penning short stories, poetry, music lyrics and some have even gone as far as posting a chapter of a novel every week.
People blogging as a diary, spilling their inner most thoughts for hundreds of people to read, they do it all, and are able to get feedback from their readers, something they could not do in a spiral bound notebook or in Word for Windows.

But there is something “new” now that has been thrown in the mix, myspace bloggers have been caught up in this new medium called BlogTalkRadio that will surely revolutionize the way bloggers interact with their readers.

In the past few weeks we have seen Myspace’s “The Spork” aka as Georga, and “The Awesome Zara” and “Pony Boy” take on BlogTalkRadio as a way to reach the readers who come to their blogs every day to laugh and have fun. Their readers are now able to call in and talk to them, compared to leaving a comment in a blog. Interactive blogging!! It truly has been amazing.

The Awesome Zara, The Spork, and Pony Boy, whom I have been reading for months, now have a voice and can relay their thoughts with the emotions and sarcasm we have only been able to read till just a few short weeks ago.

Bloggers are taking their love of blogging and bringing it to a whole new level on BlogTalkRadio.
All I have left to say is “who is next”!!! Which bloggers that I have been reading will now give their blog “a voice”.

Amy Domestico

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