National Autism Awareness Month on BlogTalkRadio

April is National Autism Awareness Month and BlogTalkRadio hosts, as ever, are on top of the current events that matter.

Tonight at 9pm ET, Naked Soma Raw Consciousness Radio welcomes special guest Patti Littwin, creator of the Yackle Ball. Littwin, with Ttalf Toys, is the Inventor of America’s new ‘X’ shaped ball, the Yackle Ball, which she created to help eliminate the problems many have with traditional balls to make it so that any age or athletic ability can be active.

On Friday at 1:30pm ET, Mrs. Jackie and Mrs. Jeanine bring it home and discuss how to be the best parent, family member, or friend to people dealing and living with a person that has autism.

And on Saturday at 10am ET, Autism Mom opens a forum for learning and sharing. Kids with autism have interest in all kinds of things and this show will teach you more. Hosted by “Hoverboard,” all are invited to share! Music, movie, book and game reviews, fun quizzes – Live on BlogTalkRadio.

One thought on “National Autism Awareness Month on BlogTalkRadio

  1. henrylady

    OMG has anyone googled: The Image of the Mother’s Eye: Autism and Early Narcissistic Injury
    This is Bruno Bettleheim all over again. BLAMING parents for their children’s autism. Unreal. ANd it’s a growing thought within psychology. They really think this. SICK twisted minds. No wonder we have little progress with treating/curing autism, the professionals are showing what they’ve secretly thought for years. They have contempt for us, they dont’ know so they now they have to resort back to blaming us, so they don’t look bad.


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