NBC's Biggest Loser Ken Coleman on BlogTalkRadio

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coleman Host Mike Elrod of Chi Town Radio brings Ken Coleman from NBC’s hit reality show “The Biggest Loser” Season 3 to BlogTalkRadio at 10pm ET tonight.

Ken will be sharing his experience on the show as well details on his current projects. Callers are encouraged as Ken is eager to share his story with others and hopes to inspire, motivate, and challenge others to set their own goals and change their lives. Ken believes that, through determination and perseverance, all obstacles can be overcome. You just need to be taught how.

With New Years just around the corner, we could all use some motivational inspiration for the new year to come. Join them at 10pm and call in at (347) 215-8465.

3 thoughts on “NBC's Biggest Loser Ken Coleman on BlogTalkRadio

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  2. DINA

    what’s up with all the f words. That is not right. it is really turning my friend and me off.
    yea they beep it out but you know what they are saying. This is not necessary.
    the first few years they never did that, now its all the time. it is really making me not want to watch this year. Thanks, Dina and Lina


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