Need a Twilight Fix? Look No Further!

The Cast of Twilight

The Cast of Twilight

“New Moon, the sequel to the blockbuster flick, Twilight, isn’t due to hit the theaters until November. Sure, you have your books and the Twilight DVD to keep you busy until then, but is it enough?

Not to worry, vampire fans. BlogTalkRadio has your fix. Check out our Twilight related programming:

  • Twilight Werewolf Taylor Lautner may have had a small part to play in the first Twilight movie, but as most fans know. his job is about to get more important and he’ll be front and center for the rest of the series. Taylor dropped by Stardish Radio to talk about Twilight and the upcoming sequel New Moon.
  • Fire and Ice is a  fan-driven radio show discussing all things Twilight. Check it out!
  • Marcus Foster who penned the song “Let Me Sign” for the Twilight, which was sung none other than star Robert Pattison, visited with Vamp Radio to talk about his Twilight experience.
  • Solomon Trimble who will play head Werewolf, Sam Uley in “New Moon”, visited with Olivia Wilder in February.
  • Kelsie, one of our newer BlogTalkRadio hosts, discusses both Harry Potter and Twilight.
  • Daniel Cudmore, who plays Volturi Guard member Felix, showed up during Vamp Radio’s Twilight Hour to discuss his role in “New Moon.”
  • Justin Chon played the effervescent Eric Yorkie in Twilight. He also visited with Olivia Wilder to discuss his experiences both on and off screen.

Stay tuned to BlogTalkRadio for more interviews with the cast and crew of the Twilight series!

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