New Promotion Tips and Tricks

You’ll find something new on the Promote Page of your account: new tips and tricks for better results.

In addition to the new host promotion tools we recently unveiled, your Promote Page has gotten a makeover. The new page covers the following:

  • Write Everything for Search Engines – learn the best way to write your Show Title, Title tags, Show Description, and blog posts with some simple Search Engine Optimization techniques that will help people find you through sites like Google, Yahoo!, the BlogTalkRadio search and more.
  • Get a Blog/Website, Post the Player and Network – Get a blog and use the Search Engine tips so people can find your content. Learn how to network build a loyal audience with the BlogTalkRadio communities on MySpace and all the Facebook groups, including BlogTalkRadio, Books, Business, Entertainment, Health, Politics, Sports, Technology and Women.
  • Communicate – How can you use your current audience to build a bigger audience? Find out here.
  • Tools You Can Use – This is where the tools we posted about yesterday can permanently be found.
  • Feature Requests – learn what to submit when you send us your feature requests.
  • Explore these tips in great detail and don’t forget to take advantage of the new BlogTalkRadio Insider show, which airs every Wednesday at 4pm ET. Ask your questions, get your answers.

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