New to BlogTalkRadio? Start Here


Since new hosts sign on every day, I thought we’d throw out another list of helpful links. Here are a few things to help you get started with BlogTalkRadio:

  • Take a Virtual Tour – Would you like a virtual tour of BlogTalkRadio? This screencast will show you how it works.
  • BlogTalkRadio Forum – Meet your fellow hosts and listeners. Share tips, equipment suggestions and other ideas.
  • BlogTalkRadio 101 – Every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. EST, BlogTalkRadio’s star, Nikki Starr, hosts BlogTalkRadio 101. Featuring tips and tricks and everything you need to learn how to use BlogTalkRadio. All of Nikki’s classes are archived so newbies can listen to all the shows they missed.
  • My BlogTalkRadio – This screencast takes you through all of your “My BlogTalkRadio” options so you can navigate with ease.
  • Register as a Listener- Even if you’re not interested in hosting, we still have tools to enhance your BlogTalkRadio experience. Check out this screencast for listeners.
  • Get Started as a Host – This screencast walks you through everything you need to know to host your own BlogTalkRadio show.
  • Switchboard Screencast – Learn how to work your switchboard here.
  • BlogTalkRadio’s FAQ’s – Everything you wanted to know about BlogTalkRadio but were afraid to ask.
  • Contact Us – Questions for support? Want to learn more about branded content? Here’s how to get in touch.
  • Revenue Share – Did you know we offer a rev. share program?

There’s more too! For everything you need to know about BlogTalkRadio, please visit our Learning Center.

One thought on “New to BlogTalkRadio? Start Here

  1. Donna Patterson

    Hi I try to listen to patriots heart on blog sometimes i get page or get page no where to listen if I find pod broadcast it keeps buffering and I can not hear if comes on My player will work pretty good but found button only 2 times on page if got that iof I push listen I get nothing Thank You


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