No American Teeth for Me! Sniffs Alan Rickman

If ever there were an actor whose every pore seethes haughtiness, it’s Alan Rickman.

Incisors matter.

Alan as Eli: Incisor matters.

Remember Hans Gruber in Die Hard? How about Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series?

Well, now comes another award-worthy elitist: Eli Michaelson in Randall Miller’s dark comedy, Nobel Son.

But prepping for – and playing – the part of the Nobel Prize winner whose son is kidnapped took more than a stiff upper lip and upturned nose, Alan tells Movie Geeks United host Jamey DuVall.

“I always rely on fairly basic instincts and some instinct made me go to my dentist in London and say, ‘I need you to make me some imperfect front teeth.’

“Because I thought there was something shark-like about [Eli’s] appetites.  And…I needed to look in the mirror and look different,” reveals the classically-trained British actor.nobel_son_poster2

“And it helped a lot. Whether you notice it or not watching the film, I got these two front teeth that just wrap over each other – rather than being a victim of the great American dentist.”

Thanks for the anti-Yankee sentiment complement, Al!

Nobel Son, which co-stars Danny DeVito, Bill Pullman, Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson, opens today.

To hear Alan’s full interview, click here.

3 thoughts on “No American Teeth for Me! Sniffs Alan Rickman

  1. General Rachel

    What a treat to hear my Alan Rickman on Blog Talk Radio! Yes, I am a fan, not a fanatic, but a fan of his brilliant work. Mr. Rickman, no matter what role, always provides a performance that takes me to who his character is, and understanding for good or not, why his character acts the way he does. Bravo Mr. Rickman..bravo..

    PS) I told you Snape was good..had to get that in for all those that doubted me from book one..

  2. Dee

    Your reporter probably misunderstood Rickman’s comment. His actual teeth look extraordinarily good now thanks to an American dentist– he said this in the past. (You can make the comparison yourself by watching Die Hard.) I think he’s a bit sensitive about their perfection, because that’s not something that’s valued in Britain as much as it is here.

    So there was nothing remotely anti-American about AR’s comment.


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