Now Streaming on iTunes Radio: BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio channels are now being streamed through iTunes Radio. So far, the Flylady and Heading Right channels are available on iTunes streaming radio.

Simply launch the iTunes application on your PC or Mac and click “Radio” in the left hand column to access the iTunes Radio selections.


This will open a world of new content. Find the “Talk/Spoken Word” category and click the black triangle next to it to view all the streams. Double click which BlogTalkRadio stream you want to tune into and – bam! – you’re streaming BlogTalkRadio Channels on iTunes.


The BlogTalkRadio development team will be creating streaming iTunes channels across our wide variety of comedy, sports, entertainment, finance, and other programming. Stay tuned for more. Literally, stay tuned with iTunes and BlogTalkRadio.

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  2. Luke Armour

    For a normal account, there is no cost to get your shows listed on iTunes, simply go to iTunes –> podcasts and click the “submit podcast” link. Enter your show’s feed ( and it will do the rest.

    This streaming radio feature is for the BlogTalkRadio Channels ( and shows are selected by BlogTalkRadio – still no cost.


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