O.J. Simpson: Guilty of Not Guilty? Let Your Voice Be Heard

America’s most infamous celebrity goes on trial today in Las Vegas on kidnapping and armed-robbery charges.

Is this the face of a felon?

O.J. Simpson: Is this the face of a felon?

And, like most Americans, chances are good that you’ve a got strong opinion when it comes the accused: one Orenthal James Simpson.

So here’s your chance to weigh in.

To vote guilty or not guilty in BlogTalkRadio’s O.J. Vegas Trial Poll, CLICK HERE.

And at 9 p.m. ET today, be sure to call into Norman Pardo’s Courts Gone Wild, as O.J.’s longtime promoter hosts a spirited discussion on this footnote to the Trial of the Century – in which not a single jury member is African American.

10 thoughts on “O.J. Simpson: Guilty of Not Guilty? Let Your Voice Be Heard

  1. Anon

    Enough with the OJ already. This is turning into Crap Talk Radio or some tabloid. I can’t believe Alan Levy wants it to come to this. It used to be about the content now it’s about glorifying criminals for ratings.

  2. Kathy

    I can only hope that this murderer finally goes to prison, preferably for life. I know that Nicole and Ron are resting in peace, but I know that is the only comfort that their families can have. I know it has been many years, but the injustice done in OJ’s first trial can never be undone. I pray to God he gets what he has coming to him, life in prison. How dare he have the privilege of one more day of freedom when he knows as well as everybody else knows he murdered two innocent people. His money and influence may have bought his freedom in the past, I can only hope this time it will be different. And YES, HE IS GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Finally

    He won’t make it in prison but a few weeks before he gets his due. He does NOT deserve solitary confinement. Oddly enough, he was convicted 13 years to the day of his other trial. 13 years. And on a Friday. Only fitting. May he rot in hell.

  4. Monserrattz

    WHETHER YOU OR I OR ANYONE LIKES IT…the verdict was handed-down 13 years to the day of his acquittal on double-murder charges…Even his Miami defense attorney acknowleged today and i quote:


    “eerie…It’s either a very strange coincidence or someone is sending a really powerful message, Yale Galanter said.” !!!



    Yours truly,
    Twisted Newz Talk radio-News with a twist!

  5. ah stonw

    He went about getting something that was stolen from him the wrong way.
    Never the less, he did a stupid thing, and will probably have to pay for
    taking back an item, that was stolen from him. He should off known the name O. J. is not a good name to float around in L. A.
    My advice to O. J. if you get out of this, leave, that place, and never return, and forget about that junk that was stolen from you.


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