OpEdNews Founder Rob Kall on Shakedown Street

Brian Wolf of Shakedown Street brings you Rob Kall, the owner and editor of the progressive website OpEdNews.com

OEN OpEdNews.com (OEN) is an award winning, progressive website, whose mission is to support values it feels are truly American like fairness, democracy, justice, protection of our national resources and commons, and preferring to support humans before corporations and religions.

Rob Kall The OpEdNews site brags over 600,000 unique visitors and over 40 million hits last month with over 10,000 registered members, 30 volunteer editors, 65 volunteer assignment writers and more volunteers who focus on specific topic issues, graphics, transcription and more.

Rob joins Shakedown Street today at 7pm ET.

3 thoughts on “OpEdNews Founder Rob Kall on Shakedown Street

  1. Richard Volaar

    Rob Kall is a left wing communist idiot who lies in his bio regularly to make us think he is a somebody just because he pays for a website and now enjoys some kind of star status. What a joke! Rot in hell scumbag!

  2. Mr. M

    I have known Rob Kall for years writing on his website, but recently I was banned by Rob because we do not see eye to eye. He proclaims free speech, but in truth does not practice what he preaches. Now I know he is just a fruad who heaps meaningless titles upon himself to fluff himself up as though he is important or something. For example, he claims to be an executive editor. He starts a website and lets every tom dick and harry post crap on his website and because rob can edit the posts from every day people, now he claims he is some kind of an executive editor. He calls himself an inventor. All he did was mix some crap together to make some kind of stupid mood ring that changes color based on body temperature and he thinks he is some kind of a genius inventor. If he cleaned Obama’s toilet he would title himself “presidential sanitation engineer” with experience. He uses Amazon.com to claim to be a professional book reviewer and adds it to resume as though it matters. If you examine Rob Kall’s so called credentials you will find nothing there but hot air. He is a fraud from top to bottom.


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