Open Forum: What Would You Like to See from the BlogTalkRadio Blog

I love blogging for you! I love talking to the BlogTalkRadio hosts and looking through the programming to let you know what awesome segments are coming up. While I do get some comments and a little email now and then, I’d love to learn more of what interests you.

Do you like the tips we’re offering on the blog to help promote segments? Are you enjoying the host profiles and daily updates? What would you most like to see from this blog? Being BTR’s Community Manager means being YOUR Community Manager.

It’s an open forum: What would you like to see from the  BTR blog?


9 thoughts on “Open Forum: What Would You Like to See from the BlogTalkRadio Blog

  1. Shaun

    How about a blog similar to what Skype has with its Heartbeat blog, where hosts can go to during the day to check on the status of BTR..technical wise..

    Maybe if hosts see there are some technical problems, we can rearrange a guest or not do a show??

  2. Mayr Fortuna

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  3. Lee Douglas

    How about giving more of us a chance. I recently came over to blogtalk leaving my 25,000 listeners in the lurch I am now trying to get my fans back on track. But no mention of my show joining blogtalk after two successful years on another network.
    I realize I’m not Steven Baldwin but I think us little guys deserve a little mention.

  4. andrea young

    hello and i would like to see more technical tips on maneuvering around the btr website. (i’m still trying to figure out why i can’t rate a show i was listening to last night, there just wasn’t a button to click on anywhere) and yes, more and more tips on promoting shows, those are great!

  5. Deborah Ng

    This is what I’m talking about! I’m going to be doing more open forums in the future, so I appreciate all feedback – as does the entire BTR team.

    @Shaun – I’ll pass on the info to Kris. Maybe he (or I) can post any known technical issues so the hosts have a head’s up.

    @Lee – Hi and welcome to BlogTalkRadio – I hope to give everyone a chance! If you have great guests or programming coming up, let us know so we can featuring it. Plus Shaun has BTRInsider every Thursday – and hosts can call in to talk about their segments. Let us know how we can help you – and tell us what you’re doing also to promote your segments.

    Thank you Reality Check!

    @Andrea – Hi! Were you logged in? You can’t rate a show unless you’re logged in. I’ll be happy to offer tours of the BTR website -plus we’ll be unveiling a more user-friendly design real soon.

    Keep them coming, folks! Thanks for taking the time to tell us how we can make your BTR experience even better.

  6. I Got My Reasons

    I find the relentless focus on guests annoying: while guest are important and interesting, it seems to be the only factor in what makes a show seem “good” here, and as such we seem to miss opportunities to promote the whole medium of GREAT content provided by non-celebrities. I feel that by trying to mimic radio so much we are ignoring the fact that this is an entirely new medium. Personally I would come to the blog more if it felt less slavish to celebrity… again while this stuff is great, it seems really cheesy to make it ALL about that.

    One Black Man and myself have, for example, created entire social networks around our shows using brand-new technology:

    Is Steven Baldwin doing this? I doubt it. The stars of this network are not the people passing through. There are also people with shows that will never be featured here because they dont reinforce this yuppy paradigm.

    This great new format allows maximum creativity and spontneaity, yet management seems to want to make it into a traditional radio station. To me this is a mistake.

    (we also have celebrity guests but we tend to fold them into the show rather than make the whole show about THEM; coming soon The Smile Rays and Nomadic Wax!!)


    Grass roots or ROBIN LEECH? That stuff was tired in the 80’s!!

  7. Deborah Ng

    @I Got My Reasons – Thank you for your input. The truth is, we live in a very celebrity obsessed culture and people who are searching for celebrity news stumble upon BlogTalkRadio – so the special guests are good for all our traffic. The more people who find us and get our name out there, the better it is for all BTR hosts and their programs. In short, highlight celebrity guests is good for search engine traffic and non-BTR community interest. Someone searching for Steven Baldwin may find his radio show and after listening may want to look around to see what else BTR has to offer.

    I totally hear what you’re saying though and agree wholeheartedly. I’m always on the lookout for great segments – whether they have famous guests or not. Are you having an interesting discussion topic? Do let us know – ask to be featured so we can recommend it to others. With all the segments on BTR on any given day, you really need to toot your horn. Any host can ask to have a topic featured – and you can also request a host profile so we can do a Q&A together too.

    BlogTalkRadio isn’t about celebrities it’s about great programming, becoming part of the conversation and a different type of social community. We’re working hard to promote all the different segments by offering host profiles and promoting them through the social networks and media. Feel free to contact me to discuss ways to promote your segments at deborahng(at)blogtalkradio(dot)com.

  8. Linda Hillman

    I truly enjoy the host profiling and hte tips. I would like to see some of the New Host being featured. I know that the religious shows on BTR are not as highlighted but you have some great shows on here that talk about some very compelling topics. I would think since some are driving the listener audiences to them whethter it’s to disagree with them or to agree, their shows should be highlighted. Many of them are coming up on their one year anniversary and they bring community. I know that I try to listen to others in other genres as well as support those in my genre.

    I just think that all shows show be given the opportunity to be highlighted and celebrated.


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