Paris Hilton’s BFF Brittany Flickinger Picks New OFF

If Brittany Flickinger’s BFF-ship with Paris Hilton doesn’t pan out, the singer won’t be a bit peeved.

How come?

CAPTION: “Brittany can trust me in every situation,” Kathrin (above) tells us of her new OFF.

“Brittany can trust me in every situation,” Kathrin (above) tells us of her new OFF.

Because she has a new BFF – at least in cyberspace.

This week on Olivia Wilder Times, host Olivia Wilder wrapped up her month-long Brittany Flickinger’s New OFF (as in “Online Friend Forever”) contest, in which hundreds of listeners from around the globe each submitted 10 reasons why they deserve the OFF title.

After narrowing the pack to five semi-finalists last week, Brittany – who won her BFF title in December on MTV’s reality series Paris Hilton’s My New BFF – selected…


Kathrin Tilp, who hails from Frankfurt, Germany.

Among Kathrin’s winning reasons were:

(8) I would accept Brittany’s mistakes, because nobody is perfect. 😉

(6) We both love cereal.

(4) I think that Brit is an awesome and honest person.

(2) I don’t care that the call will be not that cheap. 😉

(1) I get up at 4 a.m. to listen to Olivia’s show on BlogTalkRadio.

Brittany (above): Ich bin ein Frankfurter.

Brittany (above): Ich bin ein Frankfurter.

So what does Kathrin actually win?

A blog post about her, along with her photo, on Brittany’s MySpace page; an autographed picture of Brittany; and a personal email correspondence with Brittany – “as often as humanly possible.”

And in the coming weeks, Kathrin gets an entire ed- ition of Olivia Wilder Times devoted to her.

In the meantime, here’s what Kathrin, a 24-year- old business student, tells us about her daily life in Deutschland:

“When not at school, I work for a car-rental company, where I drive the big cars around.

“I love sports and cartoons, as well as indie and alternative music.”

To hear Olivia’s OFF finale, click here.

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