Patrick Dempsey’s Dog Pampered by Acupuncture Doc

Are the editors of the world’s leading gossip column BlogTalkRadio listeners?


Patrick Dempsey: Among the A-listers whose pooch gets home-acupuncture treatment by Hollywood vet.

It seems so – and we couldn’t be more flattered.

Page Six reports today that “Veterinarian-to-the-stars Dr. Patrick Mahaney now makes house calls to perform acu- puncture on stressed-out pooches,” including those of Patrick Dempsey and Jennifer Aniston.

To hear the BlogTalkRadio interview whence this exclu- sive dish was culled, click here.

And to read the New York Post item, click here.

One thought on “Patrick Dempsey’s Dog Pampered by Acupuncture Doc

  1. Susan Wrigley

    I had thought that BlogTalkRadio would be more substantive than blogging about a B- movie actor’s dog.


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