Podcast Directories for your BlogTalkRadio Show

There are dozens and dozens of podcast directories that cover every category you can think of. The question remains: Is your show listed there? Probably not. So let’s cover the other big questions in this popular Q & A format.

What is a podcast directory? A podcast directory is – follow me closely – a directory of podcasts. Since all our live shows are archived and available as podcasts through RSS feeds, you can include your show in these directories at no cost.

Why should I submit my show to a podcast directory? Listeners, man. We’re all looking for ways to increase our audiences. Podcast directories are where some people go to find shows that interest them. That could be your show.

How do I submit my show to a podcast directory? Do a quick search on each site to see if your show is already listed. If not, submit it. Submission varies for each site, but the simple answer is this: you register to the site, find the “submit your podcast” link and enter your information. One of two things can then happen a) you have to enter all of your information by hand including your show name, description of your show, your logo and your feed or b) you just enter your feed and it populates everything for you. Your feed URL is simply your host page with /feed after it. For example http://www.blogtalkradio.com/MyShowName/feed.

What directories are there? Here are a few to get you started.

What other tips do you have? Keep in mind that people who find your show through a podcast directory are only getting half the experience. Since most podcasts are not live, listeners may not know that catching your live show is an option. So at least once mention that your show is live and announce the time, date and URL when and where your show can be found.

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