Portfolio: BlogTalkRadio is the “Dominant Player”

BlogTalkRadio continues to make headlines as a dominant player in the citizen broadcasting space. Conde Nast’s Portfolio.com posted an article entitled All Talk? by David Levine today.

It takes a broad look at the citizen broadcasting trend and features BlogTalkRadio prominently in the piece as a dominant player.

It also features some notable opinions by industry leaders:

“‘I think that [BlogTalk] represents something that’s far greater than itself,’ says Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers magazine, a leading talk-radio-industry trade publication. ‘There’s a whole bunch of new Web-based entities that I predict will be the media stations of the future.'”

And Levine offers some excellent points about the space:

But internet talk radio is also rapidly getting attention from prominent hosts, guests, and broadcasting companies—especially in the wake of the blog phenomenon, which mainstream media outlets were slow to accept.”

“The online amateur-radio niche is still sparsely populated, and as yet, largely undefined. BlogTalk is one of the few companies that currently offers a medium explicitly designed to emulate traditional radio, and this may be part of the key to the company’s relative success.”

BlogTalkRadio continues to strive to be the best platform for citizen broadcasters to have a voice and for everyone to join the conversation.

Read the entire Portfolio.com article here > >

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