Programming Highlights; April 18, 2010

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Today’s Programming Highlights:


andrew-treesAt 4 PM WordSmitten’s Kate Sullivan chats with author Andrew Trees—whose Academy X The Washington Post hailed as “Smart, on-target and very funny.”—about his new novel, Club Rules, which follows the gilded yet shallow lives of country-club setters Preston and Anne Winthrop.




dee-marshallAt 6 PM Denise “The Motivation Mama” Hart kicks it with celebrity life coach Dee Marshall of TVOne’s Makeover Manor and CEO of Raise The Bar, a minority-owned consulting practice serving small to mid-size businesses.



matthewbroderick-scrollerAt 6 PM The Movie Geeks mark their third anniversary on BTR (way to go, Jamey and Jerry!) with a best-of reel from recent months, including conversations with Francis Ford Coppola and Matthew Broderick—who revealed that he’s lately feeling like a failure as an actor.



freda-payne1At 8 PM Flashback host Carey Fisher chills with Band of Gold singer Freda Payne, who has also appeared on the big and little screens, in such popular fare as Nutty Professor II: The Klumps and The Sopranos.



pat-brownAt 9 PM Pat Brown, author of the new book The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths—and founder of the Sexual Homicide Exchange—debuts her weekly BTR show, Profile This, on which she’ll tackle news-making criminals.Tonight: Casey Anthony and Ronald Cummings—What kind of parents are they?



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One thought on “Programming Highlights; April 18, 2010

  1. carol

    I think that Casey Anthony and Missy Cummings both derserve the death penalty and they should suffer while they do it. For what they did to them little girls that never got a change in life.It’s terrible. And I blame the judge for letting this case wait so long. And all the breaks he gave them. Casey is no better then anybody else. And her parents should be behind bars to.I give missy cumming, graqndmother credit for calling the police and letting them know where Haleigh might be. At least she is a real
    person that has respect for poor Haleigh. More then what I can say for Cindy and George. I still think that they should check out Ron Cumming more. He might of hurt poor haleigh and told them to get rid of the body before he gets home. And why would he every get merried to her when he knows his daughter is missing.


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