Questions About Equipment? Not Sure Where to Begin? Learn From the Best in the BlogTalkRadio Forum

Interact with the BlogTalkRadio community at our forum.

Interact with the BlogTalkRadio community at our forum.

BlogTalkRadio hosts love to discuss equipment. From microphones to telephones everyone has a recommendation. Hosts and listeners also have terrific advice for the best ways to use BlogTalkRadio to your advantage. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to BlogTalkRadio, or an old pro, there’s plenty of tips, talk and advice happening at the BlogTalkRadio forum. Here are some of the different discussions happening right now:

  • I’d Like to Be a Guest – Experts who wish to share with others are posting their details at the forum. If you’re looking for folks to feature on your show, or looking to be a guest on someone else’s program, this section of the forum is a goldmine.
  • Phone, Skype…or? – Not sure what to use to dial in for the best sound quality? Our hosts weigh in on their favorite call in methods.
  • BlogTalkRadio Shows – Features genre friendly folders to discuss and promote shows.
  • Blogs and Social Media – Here’s where we share details about our blogs and Twitter ID’s and share other social networking methods for helping to bring in traffic and spread the word about their shows.

The BlogTalkRadio forum is a positive, pleasant place where hosts and listeners can enjoy each other’s company and share the tricks of the trade. Won’t you join us and share your ideas?

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