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True to her name, Sunny Goodman was one lady who always seemed to be trying to make BlogTalkRadio a better place. She had a passion for helping new hosts that amazes me, and every host that she helped became a friend; and not just on a superficial level, but a genuine friend.

Sunny passed away one week ago today after a very long and tiresome battle with cancer. Sunny left this world at peace. She left it better for her being here.

I have spent some time this week gathering the warm memories of her friends and fellow hosts. I knew Sunny to be happiest when surrounded with friends, and I think this is the best that we all at BTR can remember her.

From Alan Levy; Founder and CEO of BlogTalkRadio:

alan1The most pleasurable aspects of what we have seen at BTR has been the incredible community we have seen develop over the years.

I will always recall seeing Sunny’s show appear on the program guide early each day. While we are hosting more than 1200 shows a day now, a few years ago seeing Sunny’s show appear in the guide was a breath of fresh air.

There are so many great memories of Sunny laced throughout the pages of this site and the feelings in our hearts.

5a5a27b2-0a4d-4823-87c1-98c48024847fdressylaughingladyAmy Beard/Laughing Lady has said:
I first met Sunny at her show the Brrash Pack more than two years ago. I went to her morning show Sunny Days almost every day since she started it about 300 episodes ago. I also helped her co-host the show a few times. When I was a brand new BTR listener (I followed Flylady to get here), the Brrash Pack was one of the first shows I listened to. The very first time I entered the chat room Sunny greeted me on the air and in the chat room by name. As a new listener, it was like being greeted by the Queen to hear your own name LIVE on the WWW! And every time I even entered a chat room where she was, I knew I would be greeted by “AAAAAAMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY” long before I could manage to type hello to her! It was like a race for me to try! She made me feel welcome on BTR. She also put so much of her own time and energy and spirit into helping other hosts learn and improve their shows because she believed in the making the platform great. I was so honoured when she asked me to help her record the Audacity training session with her. Again, I felt like I was being asked to help a celebrity! She wanted us all to be our best and she easily brought that out for us. I loved reading her posts in the forum! She always made me laugh and that is something I value highly.

Sunny used to refer to Alan Levy as “Daddy” since he started the whole BTR family. I bet you would find many who would think of Sunny as a “Sister” for taking care of all of us and being the best cheerleader, listener, laugher, and friend for each of us.

It is difficult to talk about Sunny as I miss her so much already. I am glad to hear that she was at peace and ready for the transition but I don’t think any of the rest of us were anywhere near ready to say goodbye. One thing that astonishes me as I talk to more people about their memories of her is that she seemed to be a “best friend” to so MANY people! She found time to get to know and correspond with dozens of people. I know I too had several long phone calls with her where we laughed and laughed and kept on talking. What a beautiful friend.

f6a2f071-c823-42fc-a577-0337cb2c952aiconwhitetjpFrom Ryan O/AKA Reverand Rockdog:
My experiences with Sunny were almost all contained to the forums. I really enjoyed the playful back and forth that we all shared.

I always felt that she was the Yin to mine and Blogstein‘s Yang. While we find great joy in helping people with dashes of sarcasm, SunnySunny seemed to be the one and only person who could make fun of Blogstein without suffering his wrath. LOL! was always a straight shooter and helped in the kindest of ways. I took great joy in the way that

In a true testimony of just how helpful she was, I was told that she answering questions and being helpful in the forums just a mere six hours before passing. I have a bad day and I can’t stand to even read the questions. She was terminally ill and was still plugging away at it, probably with a smile on her face.

AMAZING! She was simply an amazing person. I wish we could all have just one ounce of her positivity!

dsc_0007_editedMorgan Lawrence has said:

How can I begin to define the loss of a friend and a person that bought as much sunshine and laughter into our lives as this lady did. Words seem exponentially inadequate when I consider the mornings that she brought music, laughter and always interesting conversation to us all. We did roughly 150 shows together and I loved when she would refer to me as her Ed McMahon. doing a show like hers was not just BTR but an experience that on each and every show left me and the audience wanting more. I loved and will miss Sunny but in the future on other shows she touched, a little place in the back of my head will be saying WWSS (What Would Sunny Say). We were honored to be in her midst and the world is a lesser place without her. Peace be with You Sunny because in my heart and soul you are somewhere sitting on a beach with an umbrella drink and a smile listening to us all down here.

danielle3From Dani
I am having a really hard time dealing with Sunnys passing. We emailed, skyped and talked on the phone everyday! I am sorry that I cant talk to long… heart breaks everytime that I think about her being gone.

263f8718-3a08-4fbb-b664-270403b7be20hiptalk_largerJon Parrett says:
She called me 2 weeks before she passed and told me that she only had a week or 2 left. She was very upbeat and made jokes the whole time until our goodbyes. She was a beautiful person as you know and I already miss her long winded but humorous phone calls. She loved BTR and the friends she had who end up (as you know) feeling like family.

0fd87f6e-5c80-4c33-bc62-693f61ff7fc7bjtuckebig2From Betty Jo Tucker of Movie Addict Headquarters:
Sunny and I first became BTR friends as a result of our love for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. When Sunny called in to Movie Addict HeadquartersSunny Days” every weekday morning. Sunny’s knowledge of films, music and other showbiz things simply bowled me over. But her wonderful gift of encouraging — even inspiring — listeners to be silly and have fun was even more important to me. She enriched my life, and I will never forget her. During my interview with Barry Bostwick, who played Brad in that outrageous horror musical, she exclaimed, “I can’t believe I’m talking to my Brad!” – and I knew right away that we had a lot in common. Naturally, I started listening to “Sunny Days” every weekday morning. Sunny’s knowledge of films, music and other showbiz things simply bowled me over. But her wonderful gift of encouraging — even inspiring — listeners to be silly and have fun was even more important to me. She enriched my life, and I will never forget her.


Eazyrider has added:
sunny always spoke of her escapes as a valley girl when she was young. she told us about the movie stars her and her girlfriend would go partying with. I know sunny enjoyed the flower child era in California. she also talked about driving around the streets of California listening to music in a convertible on route 66. she was a free sprit for sure!

24550_1366002679172_1504804865_928671_1892473_nAnd from me:
Once upon a time John Sweet and I wrote poetry at a site called writer’s café.   BTR was very young then. John Sweet and I hosted a poetry show together called WSN Radio, and we promoted it heavily all over the café. One night, Sunny Goodman followed us from the café to BTR, never to leave BTR the same again. I can still hear her voice calling into our shows; “Hi! This is Sunny!” and she never missed a show. She left the café and stayed with BTR. She went on to help and befriend so many people in BTR 101, The Training Show, The BlogTalkRadio Forum, and many other places I don’t even know about, no doubt.

Sunny was amazing; an angel even then. I miss her so much.

She and I spoke from the beginning very lightly about her medical condition. As public as she was; she was still very private, and kept a great many things to herself.

When she announced on the forum that she would be unable to host with us, I knew that something tremendous had happened, as she has always been one of the most passionate hosts I know. So we began corresponding. Here is an excerpt from our exchanges:

“I’m very lucky because I have a wonderfully supportive husband. He has even started working from home so that we don’t have to get nurses to come in but only have a few hours of caregivers a week.

I’m so lucky to have been a nurse so I knew exactly what to do and when to do it. I know I will be going downhill but I knew what to decide and when to prepare. “

I know you were all close to her, and I feel it important that you know that she was ready, and at peace with the way things transpired. She left this word just the way she wanted. She was at peace.

The hard thing about it all is that she was so amazing, and left such an impact, that we are all missing her. A lot. More than any words that I can conjure will ever relate.

Some hosts come and stay a while.  Others remain and become legendary.  Sunny is a legend.

Sunny was amazing, and will always be loved by us. I look forward to the day when I can hear her voice again.


Click on any of her avatars to listen to her final goodbye.



13 thoughts on “Remembering Sunny

  1. bear Medicinewalker

    a wonderful woman that brought joy to many…she always had a smile for all of us…and plenty of coffee and danish… it is nice to know that you make a difference, and I know that many of us told her that on a regular basis… she lived each moment…and laughed with us, cried with us…and now forever more will be part of us… I ask the Sacred Winds to gently wrap around this amazing spirit, and show her the peace and serenity that she so deserves…

  2. Simon Applebaum

    Sunny was an indespensable part of BTR 101–always coming through with her voice assisting other hosts to do their best on the Web off the bat, always with a fun comment or tip in the chat room, and always with that reminder to stay tuned for the always entertaining and enlightening training show she hosted right after. For all the hosts and producers who had the great fortune to learn from her and enjoy life along with her, our deepest condolences to her family and friends.

    You’ll always be a special force that makes BTR go, Sunny, living on in our programs and the joy we have doing them.


    Simon Applebaum
    Producer/Host, Tomorrow Will Be Televised

  3. Howie

    I met Sunny through the Writer’s Cafe – where she set up ‘The Howie Fan Club’ – she asked if I minded her doing so and I laughed and said that I was very flattered but thought that it was a weird (but really nice) thing to do. Even though we never physically met, we did exchange a lot of messages and emails and I felt that I knew her, so much so that we would refer to each other as e-Mum and e-Son. She seemed to be such a lovely person and I’m beginning to see just how many lives she touched. My thoughts are with her friends and family, including Woody, who seemed again, from what I heard to be a really cool guy. I’m gutted that she is gone but seem to think that she’ll never really be that far from us all.
    Take care chick – your wayward e-Son, Howie x

  4. Joy

    Sunny was instrumental in teaching me how to edit a show! I luv her and will hold a place for her always in my heart!!! Tks Ms. Sunny for everything!!

  5. Annie

    One of the first people i met on btr almost three years ago? hard to believe she is gone. she will me missed. and thanks for the wonderful tribute.

  6. Queen Linda

    I can’t remember meeting her, but it feels like I might have, when I first came on board Blog Talk Radio. What a beautiful lady with a meek and contagious spirit of sweet hospitality. There are countless of wonderful people connected to Blog Talk Radio. My prayers to her family and her many friends.

  7. Coach Marla

    I am in shock….I had no idea she had passed.
    Like everyone else, I can still hear her happy, friendly, and considerate voice on the phone: “Hi…This Is Sunny”….she was so knowledgeable on the in’s and out’s of BTR that I found myself going to her show to get those helpful tips, and they were/are extremely helpful.

    My thoughts and Prayers are with her family and friends!
    ~God Bless!~

    *Smiles in Heaven are now better than ever because they now include ‘Sunny’*

  8. Lucuma

    I am 23 years old girl from Perú and i met Sunny in november 2009 we spoke once by skype i download it for her, she wanted me to explain how to use BTR what an amazing person, she loves helping people making the tutorials, anyone that could talk to her before knows that by her voice she was a kind lovely person, i just won’t never forget her. im still in shock because she will always b the one who teach me for the first time how to use streaming radio. The angel of the radio.
    Im still in shocked i knew about this yesterday sunday 18th its was just awful for me, tears just comming down 🙁 touched my heart really. when i heard the audio was worst.
    But i know she is with God now and everytime the sun shines she will b upthere.
    I just hope she feels peace now, what a sweet woman omg ;(
    Im too sad ive never lost no one in my family but even tht i didnt meet her in person i just have her voice in my mind when we talked for the fisrt time and laugh just lovely.
    Ive made a playlist with many songs with the same title Sunny days i hope u like it Sunny. <3 we will all miss u.

  9. Constantin kepart

    rue to her name, Sunny Goodman was one lady who always seemed to be trying to make BlogTalkRadio a better place. She had a passion for helping new hosts that amazes me, and every host that she helped became a friend; and not just on a superficial level, but a genuine.


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