Ren And Stimpy's Jessica Borutski on Zookers Radio

Remember Ren and Stimpy? Zookers Radio does, and they have animator Jessica Borutski on LIVE tonight.

Zookers Radio Program welcomes Jessica Borutski on tonight, September 28th, 7:00pm ET.

Borutski began her animation career working on Ren and Stimpy in Ottawa, for Spike TV, animating with pencil and paper. Computers, although invented by then, were not used. Which, to me, is crazy and I can’t wait to hear the story behind that.

Her career has taken her through animation studios such as Collideascope and Copernicus and given her new skills. With these new skills she created her first short film, “I Like Pandas” that was completed in 2005, and won best Flash Film for Frederator. Visit her site to see the video. It was also nominated in festivals such as Nick Toons and Platform (Cartoon Network).

In 2006, Borutski directed a series of music videos with Copernicus studios for Nickelodeon, soon to be released on Nick TV. She’s currently working at Fuel Industries as Lead concept artist and animator. Fuel Industries is one of the largest Adver-gaming companies in North America.

Her side projects include a new short film for next year?s Ottawa International Animation festival. You can check out Borutski’s blog for some great sketches.

If animation or adver-gaming is your thing, don’t miss this show. Borutski’s experience and background ensures this will be chock full of content.

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