9 thoughts on “Rewind: Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell Forced to Relive Ambush Horror as Dog Is Slain

  1. HOOAH911

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    DASY was a therapy dog named in honor of former Navy SEAL Marcus
    Luttrell fallen comrades

    Marcus Luttrell, decorated war hero and author of the best-selling
    book “Lone Survivor,” was the only one of four Navy SEALs to live
    through a Taliban ambush in the mountains of Afghanistan in 2005.
    Critically wounded and psychologically scarred, Luttrell returned to
    the US and was given a puppy to aid in his recovery.

    “This wasn’t any dog,” Luttrell said. “After Afghanistan, they gave me
    this dog for rehabilitation – it wasn’t just like a pet, it meant more
    to me than anything.”

    The dog was named DASY, which stood for Danny, Axe, Southern Boy, and
    Yankee. Luttrell, a.k.a. “Southern Boy,” named the dog after the four
    Navy SEALs who fought the fateful battle that only he survived. DASY
    was more than a pet to Luttrell. She represented his friends and his
    recovery. He described DASY as a gentle dog, who probably never saw
    the strangers as dangerous.

    Luttrell received his dog from America’s Vet Dogs, a group that provides service and guide dogs to members of the military. The dog services are provided at no cost to veterans. Earlier this year, a service dog was taken to Iraq to live with military members there to help reduce stress.

    Partial Case File of where the punk dog murderers pictures and crime will remain FOREVER!:


  2. thedametruth

    As one who strongly supports our Military and is blessed with two golden retrievers, I was sickened and shaken to my very soul to learn of this heinous crime. My heart goes out to Marcus and his beloved Dasy, knowing, as I do, the indescribable bond that exists between us and our four footers. Words cannot express my grief and sadness for Marcus’ loss and he shall remain in my prayers and thoughts. My beloved Golden,Teddy, has welcomed Dasy at the Rainbow Bridge and will comfort her beautiful soul.

  3. Ryan

    those SOBs. That’s how they repay somone who risks everything to protect their country and help others? UNBELIEVABLE

  4. Eileen Pritchard

    I simply do not possess the words to describe the pain I feel for Marcus over DASY, after all he has been through and then have this happen is beyond cruel. Lock for those kids up for years and make them clean all the humane society kennels (under strict observation) every day of every year.

    Marcus has been my hero since I read his book and he is in my prayers during this painful loss.

    He is a National Hero, this country needs more like him.

  5. dbtusnret

    A true testament to Marcus and all like him to show restraint the rest of us could never bear

    Hernandez and Edmonds and the garbage like them will face ultimate justice at the feet of their creator

    Sleep well boys ….your day is coming

  6. TheSwabbie

    Marcus know his Teammates and Shipmates are behind him and will support him no matter what. He is a good man and shouldnt have to put up with that crap. I wonder if these imbeciles know how close they came to actually DYING that night? He would have been in his rights to shoot them dead on his property. Marcus you know where to find your friends. Hooyah.

  7. Steve Fricke

    I am so saddened to hear of this deadful situation. People like that are sick and need justice- MAYBE not dying but jail time.

    I am very sorry for your loss. I know how hard it must have been and you will be ok in time. Thank you for your service to our county and your dedication and committment inspires all of us.

    I lost my RUDY in 2008 after 14+ years. Rudy will welcome DASY to heaven. All things great and small and DASY is nox resting without pain.


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