Rickie Lee Jones: I Wanna Be on ‘Weeds’

Rickie Lee Jones is jonesing to hawk a little herb. Or score some. Or arrest someone who is scoring–or hawking–some.

Actually, the two-time Grammy Award-winning songbird isn’t specific about what tack she’d like to take in the pot trade.

CAPTION: "If you said, 'Let's jump in a car and go to Texas,' I'd go," Rickie (above) tells us of her impulsive streak.

"If you said, 'Let's jump in a car and go to Texas,' I'd go," Rickie (above) tells us of her impulsive streak.

She just knows she’s itching to be on the hit TV show whose premise is precisely that.

Interviewed on The Judy Joy Jones Show, Rickie tells host Judy Joy Jones:

“You know what I really wanna do is, I wanna get written into Weeds. I think that would be a great show for me to be on.

“So I hope some writer or producer calls soon and says, ‘You’re made for our TV show!'” says Rickie of the Showtime series about a California soccer mom (Mary-Louise Parker) whose hubby suddenly drops dead, prompting her to sell marijuana to make ends meet.

During the 60-minute interview, Rickie also discusses her frustration with the fair sex’s place in the music industry.

“There’s only one or two token ‘chairs’ for women. And once one of them gets in it, nobody else can have it,” says the Chuck E.’s in Love singer.

Fellow diva Joni (above): Time to scoot over?

Fellow diva Joni (above): Time to scoot over?

Joni Mitchell has had the chair for a long time. And nobody else is allowed to have the credibility that Joni Mitchell has. It’s as if Joni Mitchell created all music.

“And this is not her fault. This is because of sex- ism and they just don’t have the time, the patience or interest to discuss other women as important, viable, iconic figures.”

To hear Rickie’s full interview – in which she also discusses her recent move to a mountain retreat, her intellectual-property feud with David Bowie, why she wants to do a record comprised of songs about horses and trucks, and her gripe with the Democratic party – click here.

To read more about Weeds, click here.

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  1. Lotte Lotster

    Joni Mitchell is fantastic. I am a UK journalism student and I follow the Columbia blog. US journalism is much more upmarket than the UK (except for BBC),. Then I guess your PBS is more upmarket than the BBC, even. Sorry for Rupert Murdoch by the way. Although Australian he built up his empire and money mountain in London. You’ve got him now!


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