Rudy Giuliani: Barrack Obama is Too Much of a ‘Risk’

Yesterday, on an exclusive BlogTalkRadio conference call, Rudy Giuliani offered his thoughts on tomorrow’s presidential election, emphasizing why he feels Arizona Senator John McCain is the man for the job.

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani

Sarah Palin "has more executive experience than Barack Obama and Joe Biden combined," says Rudy.

The former NYC mayor spoke with members of the “Just Say No Deal” Coalition, a team of Hillary Clinton supporters who held their final conference call before the election, and allowed the BlogTalkRadio community to tune in.

Among those ioining Giuliani were Florida Governor Charlie Christ, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild and Larry Johnson of

While on the call, Giuliani said why he feels a vote for Obama is risky for our country, which stemmed from Joe Biden’s remark that Barrack Obama will be tested:

“That was an extraordinary statement.  Now Biden is trying to get out of it by saying well, every President is tested.  Not correct.  First of all, John F. Kennedy had far more experience than Barack Obama.  No comparison.  John Kennedy had traveled the world; Barack Obama has never been south of the border.  John Kennedy had written on American history and American policy; Barack Obama has written about himself.  And John Kennedy had been in the Senate more than twice as long as Barack Obama and held hearings to reform our labor laws; Barack Obama hasn’t done anything like that.  So the comparison is a terrible one to start with.

“But the reality is, when we elect a President who *has* been tested, we don’t get tested.  Nobody tested Dwight Eisenhower, and nobody tested Ronald Reagan.  And nobody’s going to test John McCain.  Because they know he’s ready for it.  That doesn’t mean we don’t face risk under John McCain; of course we do.  We’ve got terrorists out there who have terrible intentions toward us.  But Joe Biden is telling us that we risk some kind of incident or attack with Barack Obama being elected.  Now why the heck do we want to take that risk?”

The outspoken Guiliani also told listeners how he feels about vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin:

“I find Governor Palin to be very bright, very energetic, really a terrific person…. I like  the idea that she has executive experience. She brings something to this that you really need.  After all, she has more executive experience than Barack Obama and Joe Biden combined.  They’ve never run a city, a state, a business, or a military unit.  She’s done three out of four, and John McCain’s done the other.  And she right now is the governor of a state where she’s one of the most effective governors in the country and one of the most popular governors in the country, and that’s where we usually look for our presidential candidates.  So I think when people raise her qualifications, my answer is, gosh, if you’re worried about her qualifications, then you sure as heck can’t be voting for Barack Obama   He has less experience than she has.”

There’s no mistaking which direction Rudy Guiliani is leaning!

2 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani: Barrack Obama is Too Much of a ‘Risk’

  1. B J Mitchell

    Defunct politicians are the most negative source from which to draw current political
    data — out of the limelight, they’ve become great nay sayers. This country and it’s system of government was built on the principle of one man (or woman) and one vote in the election process — let’s all choose to allow this system to work as it should. It’s no secret that Obama’s presence and subsequent Presidency poses a threat to those in America who still harbour a segregationist mentality — but the Bible is clear — those who were first shall be last, and those who were last shall be first. Think about it….

  2. B4uno

    I know when I voted, I didn’t fully understand, but after I voted, I realized that I had made a decision that didn’t support a strong America. When I voted, I realized I voted for someone who would “do it for me” where I don’t have to be responsible for myself. After I made that decision, I now realized what a huge mistake that was because I didn’t make a decision based on creating a strong and independent minded America.

    I want a candidate in office that will support me being self reliant, an entrepreneur. This is the idea that this country was founded on. This country is not about having the government being responsible for you, its about being entrepreneurial in nature and having that self reliant spirit. Imagine a country where everyone expected someone else to be responsible for them? I don’t agree with everything McCain does, and how he campaigned, but he does know a little bit more about what it means to have that entrepreneurial spirit. And that is what this country needs right now, just a little bit more of that. So if you haven’t voted yet, vote for the candidate who will support us in being responsible for ourselves. The health of this country does depend on it.


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