Screen Legend Tony Curtis: No Slowing Down in the Makeout Department

CAPTION: “You can’t take me anywhere,” Tony (above, sans toupee) tells Kate.

“You can’t take me anywhere,” Tony (above, unaccessorized) tells Kate.

He may be 83 years old, but Tony Curtis doesn’t sound like he’ll be cast- ing off his Casanova ways anytime soon.

Interviewed this week on WordSmitten, the actor puts the moves on host Kate Sullivan – before she even has a chance to ask her first question.

“I love life so much that I can’t turn down any of the women that I’ve ever met,” says Tony, who has starred in such classic flicks as The Sweet Smell of Success, Some Like It Hot and The Boston Strangler.

“I’m not being facetious now. I find the company of women so much more appealing and pleasant than the company of men,” he continues – before moving in for the kill. american-prince2

“I have a lot of men – wonderful friends. But still, it’s the way a woman poses and says things. That funny little – see that? I just met you, Kate, and I’m falling in love with you.”

Excellent sport that she is, Kate then suggests a dinner date – to which Tony, whose new memoir is titled American Prince, replies:

“Wherever you want. At the box car at the train station.”

To hear Tony’s full interview, includ- ing how, early on in his career, he used marbles to rid his voice of its Bronx growl,  click here.

One thought on “Screen Legend Tony Curtis: No Slowing Down in the Makeout Department

  1. fgdesign

    “Makeout department” LOL … when my friend’s dad does stuff like this we all cringe and wait for it to be over. He’s 82, but he isn’t famous. Ewwww…


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