Seize the Moment with Alan Levy and The FlyLady

Our own CEO Alan Levy and Marla “FlyLady” Cilley have joined forces to teach people how to seize the moment and make things happen in your life! Today. Right now.

Now Is The Time is the weekly broadcast from Alan and Marla, two people who know how to get things done. And they’re making a difference, too. Consider the following testimonial sent to FlyLady, akin to what she receives on a regular basis.

This one is of particular interest, because not only has this women decided to pay it forward and help other people, she is using BlogTalkRadio to do it – from Australia. BlogTalkRadio helps people jumpstart their lives while jumping geography.

Dear FlyLady and crew, I took your advice to do it now, I am no expert, just an ordinary person ­ but I am just jumping in where I am! I have launched my own BlogTalkRadio program called Naturelady. Just as you hope to help just one person, I too hope to get people to make small changes to make the world a happier, healthier and more environmentally sustainable place. I just did my first program and I think it was O.K. I have a long way to go but I hope that one day I will have a small loyal audience. I have modeled my Yahoo group on yours, that is keeping all my web content free so as many people who wish to partake of the info can. FlyLady you have given me the wings to soar. HUGZ and love forever, Your FlyBaby, Naturelady

Now is the time. What are you doing to seize the moment?

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