Shifty Binzer: ‘I Started Smoking Herb When I Was Eight’

Earlier this month on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, Seth “Shifty” Binzer fled the Sober House before downing a handful of Xanax and a bottle of Jack Daniels—and waking up in the emergency room thinking he’d had a heart attack.

While the Crazy Town frontman was missing, pal—and fellow rehabber—Andy Dick lamented, “He’s gonna be dead. I don’t want him to die.”

“I was angry at the world,” Shifty (above) tells us of his snorting days.

“I was angry at the world,” Shifty (above) tells us of his snorting days.

But this week on World Talk Live! Shifty tells host Brett Cohen exactly what went down that evening.

“I woke up with all these little things on my chest, ‘cause I’d passed out. So when I saw [them], I called the house and I was like, ‘I don’t know what happened to me. I think I had like cardiac arrest. But it was really just because I was dehydrated, and the cords were to check my heart rate,” he says.

“I was just partying really hard and then I took all this ecstasy and I wanted to go back to the house and I was like, If I don’t take a bunch of pills, I’m never going to go to sleep. So I went to this girl’s house that I knew, because she’s a crazy pill-popper, and then I took the pills,” he adds.

Shifty also recounts how he came to be an addict.

“My dad worked around a lot of bands and he designed album covers. He was a cocaine addict, so I guess I was influenced by him,” he says.

“I started smoking herb when I was like eight or nine, ‘cause I’d steal it from my dad. I remember taking it and rolling really bad joints in the bushes with my friends. But I was always like, I’m never gonna do cocaine. It makes my dad and my mom fight. I was like, f— cocaine.

“And then I was with my best friend when I was 18 years old and—it was DJ AM’s birthday and we all went hiking and [another friend] fell off a cliff and died and I was like, God, how could you just take someone that quick?

“So we went out and got f—– up that night. That was the first time I did cocaine.”

To hear Shifty’s full interview, click here.

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