The Show Must Go On…Even When You’re On Vacation

We get a lot of questions from hosts on how to properly load up rebroadcasts to play if they are unable to do a live show. Especially during summer months, when you may be on vacation or away for stretches of time, scheduling rebroadcasts are a good idea to keep the momentum going for your show.

We just did a segment on the topic for Planning Committee with special guest, John Sweet, Assistant Director of Operations at BlogTalkRadio. John breaks down the three ways to rebroadcast a show: Using your RSS feed, uploading audio when you are scheduling a show and uploading audio straight to your studio. You can listen to the show here and follow along with these visuals and tips from the show below:

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is basically a standardized web feed that allows users to subscribe to updates with new content from many different types of sources online – blogs, audio, video, etc.  Your show actually has an RSS feed that anyone on the web can subscribe to and it will appear in their RSS feed automatically.  If you go to any show page on BTR, you’ll see the rss icon, which allows anyone to subscribe to your show and add it to their feed.

Rebroadcast Using Your RSS Feed or Uploading Audio

This method just requires you to schedule a show as usual, but you click the blue link at the top and you will be prompted to either upload an audio file or put in your RSS feed address.  Your show’s RSS feed follows this format: (i.e. Planning Committee’s RSS feed is

The only thing you have to remember about rebroadcasting in this way, is that your listeners will actually have to press play for the show to begin and it will not show up in your upcoming episodes so you have to send a reminder to your audience in email or by social media to drive listeners to the show at the time and remind them that they should click play to begin the broadcast.

Rebroadcast By Uploading Audio Straight Into Your Studio

You can also upload audio files straight into your studio if you’d like to rebroadcast.  You can download a previous episode of your show by clicking on “Download this episode.”  Once a window pops up select “File” in the top navigation and then  “Save As” in the dropdown.  The file will save as an mp3 and you can choose “All Files” for the type of file.

You can then upload the file straight into your studio:

When you schedule the rebroadcast, make sure to select the audio file that you just uploaded as your startup audio:

If you choose this option, you will have to actually call into your show using your host call in and pin number at the time you have scheduled it and wait for the audio to start up.  Once the audio starts up, you can hang up (and enjoy the rest of your vacation:)

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