The Essential PR Guide for BlogTalkRadio Hosts

There are quite a few resources and tactics that you can employ to get your show some attention in the press. In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the ways you can drive a mini PR campaign for your show.  You can also tune into a show on PR that we did for BlogTalkRadio University to get more color around these tips. Tune in here.

In order to launch an effective PR campaign, there are 5 things you must know:

1. What Is Newsworthy?

Before you start your PR push,  you first need to have a sense of what is newsworthy.  In some cases you may need to come up with an original angle.  Some examples of interesting angles may be, covering a worthy cause, a trending topic, interviewing a noteworthy guest, breaking news on your show, hosting your 100th show, a special holiday themed show, etc.

Here are some press release examples from BTR hosts that you can leverage as templates for different instances:

  • Launch of Your Show
  • Show on a Trending Topic
  • Interviewing a Noteworthy Guest
  • Breaking News On Your Show
  • Milestone Show
  • 2. How To Write An Effective Press Release

  • Provide a concise, compelling, clear headline of around 20 words
  • Consider including a subheadline.
  • Focus your most important messages in the headline, subheadline and first two paragraphs.
  • Include links wherever relevant.
  • Include photos, videos and other multimedia whenever possible.
  • Include your show logo.
  • Include complete contact information, with up-to-date phone numbers, e-mail addresses and social media links.
  • 3. Where to Submit Your Press Release

    Here is a comprehensive list of PR submission sites for where you can submit your press release once it’s ready to go out into the world.  View list.

    4. How To Pitch A Reporter

    An alternative to writing a press release is actually pitching a reporter directly.  Here are some tips on getting you started using this approach:

  • Choose 5-10 journalists in your category.  Get familiar with their work and build relationships with them.  Focus on this group when you have a story to share.
  • Make sure to customize you pitch for the particular reporter and shy away from email blasts.  A story pitch could start along these lines: “I noticed you cover the – DIY space in Home & Garden Magazine and I think you’d be interested in an upcoming interview I am doing with Bob Villa.”
  • In your initial pitch, mention that you can send images or more details if the reporter is interested in learning more.
  • Make sure to send your pitch in time for the reporter to write a story  – a week in advance is a good rule.
  • Follow reporters in your category on Twitter in case they are looking for info that you could provide or stay in touch by sharing relevant news and articles with them.  View Muckrack for which reporters are on Twitter.
  • Use tools like HARO and NewsBasis to find and respond to reporter requests for sources.
  • 5. How To Tap Into The Blogger Community

    Similar to finding journalists that you can build relationships with, explore bloggers in your category as well. These relationships can be more casual in nature.  Many bloggers have great influence and reach.

    You can connect with bloggers directly on email, by commenting on posts or on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.  Once a relationship is established, you can send a heads up on a guest you are interviewing that they may be interested in tuning in to.   If relevant, they may decide to blog about you to their audience.  Better yet, invite them to come on our show and they will be sure to blog about it:)

    For additional PR tips, Business Wire has an informative podcast called All Things Press Release that you can access here.

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